Climate Change - Blended in Lessons: Clothes & Houses
Week 1

Placed by Fasahat Iqbal 2020/Oct/3
Shining Star International School
Asia UAE
United Arab Emirates


Conceptual Development:


Brief About myself: My name is Fasahat, I have recently joined one month back in Shining Star International School. I was previously working in Gulf International Private academy (American curriculum). My detailed profile link.

 Brief of my work: I have developed the conceptual understanding between the difference of climate and weather. I am currently a homeroom teacher for primary, mainly for Grade 1A. Th age group I worked with for this project is about 5 - 7 years old. I blended the learning in my Environmental Studies Lessons PowerPoint presentations.

Teaching Methodology: Last Saturday, I have created the weekly activity and information on Flipgrid for my students and then asked them to upload their understanding by the end of the week in Flipgrid..Other than the Lesson PowerPoint Presentations, I have helped them to develop a Pictionary about their responsibilities for the earth as their home. Provided is the padlet links to post. Padlet Wall 1  Padlet Wall 2

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