Climate change
Week 1

Placed by Pratham Prakash 2020/Oct/2
Sri Chaitanya
Asia India


In today’s time, we have been forced to inhale toxic fumes and drink micro plastics. We have stripped earth from its resources and completely destroyed the ideal symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Our degenerate behaviour towards nature is pushing us towards the brink of extinction. Its impacts have been devastating and the way I see it, climate change is the biggest and only threat to global security as of now. This alarming issue is worsening day by day as climate change knows no borders to its effects and neither do we which makes us vulnerable to it.


Climate change is referred to as the alteration in the weather pattern and changes in the average conditions. However, these alterations do not take place until provoked and in our case, it’s our own actions which is responsible for our situation. These changes are transforming into natural disasters which pose an existential challenge for us. Since 2008, an average of 264 million people have been displaced from their homes yearly due to natural hazards out of which 85% of those are related to climate change. This is equivalent to approximately one person being displaced every second.


We have already wasted decades and made matters worse than they already were. We cannot expect nature to run by our terms, we need to adapt to its own rules and regulation. If we wont adapt as a race then we are digging our own graves. If we wont act now then nature will tend to act on us and as we can see, it’s impacts are catastrophic. Its time that we understand the meaning of the phrase “survival of the fittest” and start acting on it as soon as possible. Climate change is simply the bill which has come due and we need to pay it whether we like it or not.


Numerous solutions have been proposed by individuals around the world but we are too blinded by our needs and wants to even act on them. Despite having cutting edge technology on our fingertips, we are unable to unite and implement on this disturbing cause. We need to act together and bring about  microscopic changes in our lifestyles before Mother Nature turns hostile towards us.






Images by Pratham Prakash 2020-10-16Prakash
Images by Pratham Prakash 2020-10-20Prakash