climate action_week 2
Week 2

Placed by Priyanka Modi 2020/Oct/11


Climate effects

Effects of climate change (globally): 

  • Temperatures will continue to rise
  • Changes in precipitation(rain, snow, hail, sleet) patterns
  •  Glaciers melting; Scientists predict that the Arctic will become snow-free 
  •  Sea levels rising 
  • Hurricanes more likely to occur and stronger 
  • Droughts more likely to occur 
  • More heatwaves
  • Risks of animal endangerment 


Effects of climate change(nationally): 

  • More heatwaves
  • Higher chance of floods
  • Less rainfall(in some areas)  
  • Groundwater levels decreasing
  • Agriculture not produced effectivity( because of less rainfall)
  • Water demands increase
  • More health diseases ( malaria, malnutrition, etc.)    
  • More droughts 



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