and climate
Week 1

Placed by Danijela Zugic 2019/Oct/1


Week 1

  This month our theme is named CHANGES and we started our week by introducing children of my group about Climate changes with aims:

  •  to teach children to be responsible future citizens,
  • to respect nature around us and our planet Earth.

  We watched on YouTube:

  We talked about what weather and climate are (, ( ), discussed about newly gained experiences.

  We tried to:

  • determine concepts of weather and climate,
  • understand the difference between weather and climate,  
  • talk about how we know that weather and climate are changing,
  • tryed to answer what  is causing those changes, what evidence we are seeing, feeling, and what we can do to slow it down.

  We talked about weather:

  • can it change during the same day,
  • can we feel with our senses if weather is changing,
  • is it possible that tomorrow will be the same weather as it is today,
  • how do we know if the weather changed....

We made agreement to measure weather by observing it everyday and taking notes of that activity. And to follow weather forecasts on tv.

  Children said that weather is… when its raining outside and we are holding umbrellas; when day, night, sun and moon, hot and cold day are changing; when there is snow and we can make snowman; when sun, storms and heavy clouds arrive…

  We talked about climate:

  • can it change every day like maybe weather,
  • how can we know if the climate is changing…

  Children said that climate is when strong winds are blowing and they twist; when ice melts where polar bears live (a boy watched educational film with his parents and was well informed due to rest of the group)

  After an introduction children worked in small groups according to their interests. They explored, communicated, collaborated and created drawings of what they found outside, made collage, predicted weather for next day, made a book of drawings, dramatization, ilustrated what is causing weather and  climate changes and what we can do to slow it down. At the end we made exibition of our drawings.

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