Week 1

Placed by PAPEEHA WARKE 2020/Oct/1
Indus International School, Pune
Asia India


Rishab Bisain: In week 1 we discussed what our definitions were on climate change and we also discussed about how climate change was affecting the environment, then we also took pictures which displayed this affect. Additionally, in week 1 we also modified our previous definition that we created. Finally, I also did a presentation on boundary conditions and also identifying which boundary conditions are shifting. In week 2 we planted trees and made a video about them, and I also created a poster about one climate expert or climate action organizations. Things I would do differently is making sure that the points in my presentation to be shorter so that it is not overwhelming. I think that I learned a new perspective on climate change and I was able understand that it is an urgent issue and that action is extremely essential.

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