Being the Change We Want to See
Week 6

Placed by Kashmira Jaiswal 2020/Nov/8
Navrachana School, Sama, Vadodara
Asia India


Every year a plantation donation drive takes place on 15th July at Navrachana School, Sama. Students are thus taught how to nurture a plant and environmental awareness is instilled right from the beginning. 

MLP stands for multi laminated plastic or multi layered plastic which we commonly find as wrappers of chocolates, namkeens and biscuits. These are disposed off after a single use. Our school collaborated with SAFAI BANK OF INDIA (NGO-Mumbai). This was a student led project and we successfully collected over 10,000 MLPS with the collection process being conducted every week and each class having its own MLP box. The collected MLPs were sent to an environment solution company  NEPHRA in Ahemdabad to convert into fuel and utility items.

"Plego Ecobricks" is initiative in which all the school students were encouraged to do away with single use polythene bags and used plastic bottles. 
Over 240 volunteers then teamed up to convert this waste into "ecobricks", which was then used to create stools and some other structures. The stools were later placed in  the school's creche, in a few corridors and many were placed outside school where seating was very limited.

Under the Design for Change project a group of students came together to make a model of Makara -the pond cleaner. Varun Saikia a bright Navrachanite took this project further on national level competitions to bring back laurels for himself and the school. 

To create awareness about upcycling we decided to use visual hoardings, Radio jingles and even short films.This involved coordinating with various stakeholders, civic authorities and obtaining permissions.
All the awareness activities were done by keeping the the pandemic and social distancing  norms in mind.
We had our alumni Mr Mohan’s Ram Murugeshpalya to conduct various workshops for content development with students.We also had Wolf Jaipur design studio to hold various seminars for 200 teachers and students to help them initiate their ideas and optimise their creativity for this up cycling project.
Now, we are aiming to air all this content on radio channels,film theatres and local television channels.We also plan to put up hoardings in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation .

Navrachanites came up with absolutely brilliant ideas and got super creative with what they had upcycled. 6th and 7th graders made borobags by crosssitching random pieces of cloth to generate a continous beautiful fabric. We also had students using old cloth and waste cardboard to make boardgames like chess and ludo boards. 

The students of grade 10 took a different spin on the  otherwise ordinary t-shirts and upcycled them by knitting beautiful and dainty designs on them. This process helped the students upskill themselves and turn into independent individuals. 
The bright minds of grade 11 tapped into their creativity and expressed their imagination by constructing a pen stand using nuts and bolts. The very process of upcycle ignites artistry. 
Last but not the least, the students of class 12 showed amazing ingenuity by using flex to make pouches and folders which were customised according to the client's wishes. 
The creativity of the mind carved marvellous outputs , developed a sense of accomplishment and most importantly they took the responsibility to change the environment.

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