‘’Climate Change is inevitable and a part of the history of evolution.’’
Week 2

Placed by Ratika Matthew 2020/Oct/12
Bal Bharati Public School NTPC Gadarwara
Asia India


Climate change is a natural occurrence seen before, however for different reasons. History is a pattern, but the answer to the question ‘why?’ is what defines the reappearing event of Climate Change. 

In the past, Climate Change has occurred because of environmental changes, such as volcanic eruptions or other natural disasters, along with the effect of humans and their way of living. Today, however, Climate Change is mainly seen as a human created disaster, being the mark of our technological and lifestyle advancements.Climate Change has become an inevitable situation only because of our idea of advancing constantly.This situation still has a variable we can control,the extent it goes to.Today, we can see many changes being made in our environment and ways of living, to stop Climate Change, as it has already begun with a strong start.This can be seen through the many animals being endangered through diverse food webs being disrupted, ice caps, sheets and glaciers melting and sea levels rising, not to mention strong natural disasters becoming more common and powerful .

The emissions of greenhouse gases have led to Global Warming (a part of Climate Change), leading to many food webs and habitats ( deforestation, urbanization etc are some causes behind it) being affected badly. As said by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, ‘Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal,’ proving that Climate Change has not only already begun, but has already posed as a dent in our world. The effects of Climate Change that has been recorded in the last century are nothing like seen before, proving that Climate Change may have occurred before, but never this way. 

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