Hi everyone,I’m an English teacher for 24 years in state schools. I’m currently working at a state school which is also   an eTwinning school.Our students’ ages are between 10-15 . I'm interested in educational technologies,environment,recycling,learning new languages,travelling,cooking and reading books.I love meeting new people all around the world and I think  projects are one of the best ways . 


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School: NİLÜFER ŞEHİTLER ORTAOKULU 21 students are involved The average age of the students: 11 _13 Año

Projects 2022

What is the Climate Change?

To us climate change is, a change in the climate that occurs as a result of human activities that directly or indirectly disrupt the composition of the global atmosphere.
For this project, we did a brainstorming session in my classroom for the level of readiness about the climate change  then we examined the  climate change curriculum and chose this curriculum as a guide.Although my students were in the 6th grade, their readiness level was  very good.

What are the effects of Climate Change?

The most important consequence of climate change is the increase in the average temperature of the earth. With the increase in the average temperature of the world, the severity of heat waves also increases. Another consequence of the increase in average temperatures is the increase in evaporation. In other words, the higher the temperatures will increase, the more the seas, lakes and the water in them will evaporate more and more. 
This excess evaporating water leads to more rain, floods, landslides, hurricanes in the ocean.
Intensive evaporation has two negative effects: First, the time between two Decays increases, that is, drought occurs. Then, when precipitation comes, the amount of rain that falls increases, that is, torrential rains begin. These two increases negatively affect the world.
One of the most important consequences of climate change is the sea level rise that can be seen due to the melting of glaciers in the Arctic and the South Pole. 
This uplift is the coastal incision when all the glaciers melt

what are the causes and consequences of climate change globally? climate change is currently occupying the world agenda as one of the most important environmental problems. Global climate change is taking place due to the fact that environmental problems are experienced and environmental pollution is increasing. The increase in environmental problems and pollution is also mostly experienced due to human activities. 

The causes of global climate change are as follows:

* Experiencing environmental problems causes global climate change.

* The experience of environmental pollution causes global climate change.

*Greenhouse gas emissions cause global climate change.

* Chemical wastes in industries cause climate change.

*Pollution of the seas causes climate change.

* The frequent occurrence of natural disasters causes climate change.

The possible consequences of global climate change as follows

*Heavy rains occur due to global climate change.

* Due to global climate change, seasonal transitions are experienced late.

*Storms and hurricanes occur due to global climate change.

* Drought and barrenness are experienced due to global climate change.

*Vegetation cover is changing due to global climate change.

* Due to global climate change, living things are endangered and are beginning to become extinct.

*The world's water resources are being depleted due to global climate change.

*Atmospheric activities are negatively affected due to global climate change.

*Glaciers are melting due to global climate change.

*Plants and animals are endangered due to global climate change.

We drew attention to the effects of climate change by doing experiment. In order to increase social awareness on environmental issues, we completed our activity by organizing a garbage collection activity in the forest

In cooperation with TEMA, we watched presentations on climate change with our students and talked about our students about the isue. We planted trees with our friends and teachers.

What are the potential solutions for climate change and/or specific environmental problems? part of the fight against climate change, the transition to a low-carbon economy at the global level envisages a fundamental transformation that will change people's lifestyles, production and manufacturing methods. For this reason, efforts to combat and adapt to climate change should not be perceived as a mere environmental problem.

Although climate change is a global environmental problem, we can make a positive contribution to preventing climate change by changing some of our habits in our daily lives. In addition, in this way, while saving energy and money, we can fight global warming at the same time.

- Let's unplug electrical appliances that we don't use. Electrical devices such as televisions, computers or phone chargers use electricity even if they are on standby. For this reason, let's not forget to unplug.

– Let's use energy-saving light bulbs for lighting. 

LIVE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THE STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATE CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT a consultant teacher, I shared the findings and solutions that my students focused on as part of the virtual (live) interactions between students, and I also shared the shares of the students in the other group with my class. According to availability, we had a live interaction via zoom with 4 schools,  twoschools from Bursa, one school from Malatya and one school from Pakistan.

Taking action: sending a letter for the climate action project with the 21 students  we worked with at our school in the climate action project, we wrote a letter to our principal and gave the necessary information about the project. In the letter, we shared that there may be the installation of solar energy panels and energy production in our school at the rate of compliance with the physical conditions of our school.