Nishigandha Devare

Co-teacher: Archana
Proactive Educator interested in learning new teachniques and teaching my students creatively.

School: Sanjivani International School Kharghar 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 8-14 Año

Projects 2022

Climate Action Project - Contribution of Sanjivani International School



The raging issue of global warming has been a concern since some time. To mitigate its impact and provide a better tomorrow, students across the globe have become part of the Climate Action Project (CAP). Students of Sanjivani International School initiated this year's CAP on an inspirational note. Alongwith outlining the action plan for the coming weeks, the students were also briefed about the achievements of the school in this regard to inspire participants to contribute towards creating a healthier planet.
Dr. Anurag Pandey, Principal, applauded the efforts of the students and appreciated their sense of responsibility towards the environment. 
In the coming sessions, students will brainstorm, explore, create, discuss and share their findings with students and partner schools.

E-waste Drive at SIS

Electronic waste collection drive as a part of Climate Action Project at Sanjivani International School, Kharghar.


Understand your e – waste, regular trash is not the right place.


E-waste or ‘Digital rubbish’ is electronic products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their “useful life.” Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are everyday electronic products.

The ongoing challenge of how best to dispose off used and unwanted electronics isn’t a new one but an age old difficulty.

Continuing the same and to join hands as a part of a campaign, Sanjivani International School launched a drive to collect electronic waste from the students.

The drive was to raise awareness among the new generation, the harmful effects of e - waste and the threat that it poses. The event was coordinated by Nishigandha Devare under the able guidance of the Principal, Dr. Anurag Pandey.

Students from all the classes diligently collected the e- waste from their homes and their premises and deposited in the school. It was overwhelming to see the students who were sensitized with after effects of the e – waste and were contributing their bit to protect the environment. The articles collected by the students were printers, laptops, old phones, ear phones, chargers, compact discs and many more overall made 30kg of e waste.

Students involvement was the highlight of the movement.  Students made a cognizant effort to collect the e-waste and deposit them in the school.

E waste was collected by Rotary Club and Inner wheel Club. They were represented by Mr. K.M. Shirolkar and Ms. Somma Banerjee respectively.


Along with e waste, old shoes were also donated by the students. These shoes were collected by Greensole Foundation. The shoe donation was a help to the environment as they would be provided to under privileged students without burning the sole, a complete green process of reusing.

This mission helped students to understand the ways  to combat the crucial issue of electronic waste management.



Images by Nishigandha Devare 2022-10-08Devare
Images by Nishigandha Devare 2022-10-08Devare
Images by Nishigandha Devare 2022-10-25Devare
Images by Nishigandha Devare 2022-10-25Devare
Images by Nishigandha Devare 2022-10-25Devare
Images by Nishigandha Devare 2022-10-25Devare