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School: Vinnytsia Lyceum 12 35 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-12 Año

Projects 2022

The effects of Climate Change. Ukraine. Lyceum#12

I place the presentation of our meeting during week 2. 

Local Ecological Problems Caused by the Clomate Change

Presentation. Week 4.

Discussed wastes and the ways how we can reduce/reuse/recycle

Vinnytsia Lyceum 12. Action week 5 video

Having watched Lego Webinar I & my students were eager to make a video about wastes and actions we can do with them. We did our best, despite air raids and alarm signals)

Final Action Video

We decided to share the idea how to reuse things. We all love eating ice-cream) When finish eating we throw away the wooden stick. But there is a great idea to reuse it into something special and useful! So, watch the videos of my students and enjoy their ideas!


Images by Nataliia Rodomska 2022-10-08Rodomska
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Images by Nataliia Rodomska 2022-11-02Rodomska