Mariana Picovici

Co-teacher: Gianina-Silvia Matei

School: ”Teodor Murășanu” 29 students are involved The average age of the students: 12 Año

Projects 2022

Causes of Climate Change

The video contains information about the causes that generate climate change.

Week 2_C.A.P. 2022

This week we discussed the effects of climate change that we feel in our area and made a list of these effects on the environment.

Collaboration with a school from Brazil

This week we interacted with students from Brazil. They asked us several questions through a video, with an ecological theme, and we answered them in the same way with answers about our area.

Climate Change Solutions

Our students debated the ecological problems in our area and found solutions for them.


On this occasion we had an exchange of experience with students from Brazil.

Climate Actions

During this period, the students had a meeting with a specialist who spoke to them about climate change, they had experience exchanges with other students, they arranged the school's green space, and their message was published on social networks.


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