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School: Grădinița cu Program Prelungit Floarea-Soarelui Reșița 22 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-6 ani Año

Projects 2022

"Earth – the cradle of our existence!"

The preschoolers from the large group Step by Step "FLORILE", from the Kindergarten P.P. "FLOAREA-SOARELUI "Reșița" were introduced to the Climate Action Project, by presenting the activities that will take place during the 6 weeks and how important the Earth is for our existence. Their curiosity was aroused by a video presentation of "Paxi and the Greenhouse Effect", a Power Point on the causes of global warming, and a variety of materials related to the theme. The subject being a fascinating one for them, they asked questions, found answers and wanted to find out as many things as possible from the project.




After preschoolers from the large group "Florile" learned in the first week about the causes of climate change, this week we presented them with a PPT about the effects of warming and climate change globally. Preschoolers learned how harmful the consequences of their own behavior are on the environment and what are the effects of global warming on climate change, on human health, on flora / fauna, on the economy.

The children also rendered through a poster how they see the effects of pollution on the environment.



Effects and causes through children's eyes

The preschoolers from the large "Flowers" group today found out the causes and effects that produced climate change, they found out why landslides occur, why our marine life and wild animals die, but they also felt and smelled, literally , a water polluted with household waste, plastics and oil. Through the experiment carried out today, they were able to observe how marine life suffers when the waters are polluted, how they can get stuck in plastic bottles from which they cannot made them sad a little...but we are convinced that through them, the world will change and we hope for the better....


Preschoolers in the "Flowers" large group watched the educational PowerPoint presentation entitled "Gathering Bird". In the presentation, the children could observe the waste thrown everywhere in nature, in the water and how harmful environmental pollution is to humans and living things. They found potential solutions to stop this phenomenon, such as: selective recycling, planting and caring for some trees, considering that they include a first step in stopping global warming, but also an example given to adults, that they want to live in a clean environment. environment, environment that will give them a healthy life. Preschoolers also played a "Put the waste in the right container" game. The children placed the tokens on which different wastes were drawn in the containers intended for each of them. On this occasion they realized that it is up to us humans how clean and neat the environment will be.

Lego Webinar "Build the change"

I attended the Lego webinar
"Build the Change"

Climate Action Day

The preschoolers presented the information and knowledge they acquired during the 6 weeks in climate change activities to the community and parents. They made drawings, posters and shared their discoveries with other children.