Dedicated and committed towards Quality Education, Arti Qanungo has contributed in the field of teaching for more than 18 years and is continuing her efforts and endeavors in creating a sustainable world. Her resilience and determination to work for the community helped her in selection in the Top 50 finalists of 1 million dollar Global Teacher Prize 2019. She became the First Delhi Government School teacher to be honoured by this. She is now making it her mission to work for Gender Equality, fight child abuse, discrimination against women, poor health information, and breaking the taboo of menstruation and creating awareness about CLIMATE CHANGE.

As an English language teacher for grades six through ten in government schools, her role has gone beyond merely teaching a syllabus. Where parents are daily wage labourers and would much rather their children lend a hand at work, convincing them to enrol their children in school is the first challenge. There are also many cases of physical and sexual abuse against young girls and some are forced into wedlock at an early age. About 40% miss school during their periods and do not have reliable information about menstruation. Some consider themselves “impure” during the menstrual cycle and think they must not interact with others trapped in a vicious circle of social taboos. There is a strong need for a space where girls can feel comfortable talking about these issues. In response, Arti has striven to connect with her students and help them feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings. This helps her ensure they are protected from any form of abuse or neglect, as well as educating them about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

As teach SDG Ambassador, she has consistently working towards the achievement of SDGs. The ripple effect of her sensitive and caring attitude towards Mother Earth can be seen in her students as well who pledge to save Mother Earth.
Nature has enough for our need
But cannot fulfill our greed.
She advocates this and amplifies the voice on CLIMATE ACTION.
Her contributions are recognized at various international and National levels. She was selected in Top 50 finalists for GLOBAL TEACHER PRIZE. She was awarded CBSE TEACHERS AWARD 2020, the TEACHER INNOVATOR AWARD 2018, BEST STATE TEACHER AWARD 2017, NATION BUILDER AWARD 2016 to name just a few.