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Beaconhouse School System Cantt Campus Sargodha not only aims to fulfill the academic needs of its students,  but also works towards building responsible global citizens. In this regard, through our annual environmental projects, we aim to build thoughtful and inspiring young people who consciously and purposefully work  towards bringing a change in not only the environment, but also the global community. Thus, we feel honoured in becoming a part of this venture  where we hav


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School: Beaconhouse Scool System, Cantt Campus, Sargodha 700 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 - 17 Año

Projects 2022

Causes of Climate Change

our students discussed the causes of pollution and show cased their understanding through posters,videos, and ppts. Our older students ventured out to create documentaries aswell to highlight the causes of pollution.

Effects of Climate Change


students showcased their concerns with respect to climate change through posters and also created documentaries for the topic.

potential solutions

Students explored the potential solutions to counter climate change and came up with several ideas. Green Ambassadors were made from the school students who worked towards the protection of environment through different activities while the last years continuing green ambassadors were awarded certificates of appreciation to boost their moral and motivation by acknowledging their efforts

live interaction with other International Schools

our students collaborated with three school. Two of which were from Turkiye and one from UAE. The interactions proved to be highly interactive where students from both sides shared their work and way forwards to protect planet earth.

Call to Action

Students pledged to work for the betterment of their environment through several activities.


Images by Farah Fahad 2022-11-07Fahad
Images by Farah Fahad 2022-10-24Fahad
Images by Farah Fahad 2022-11-07Fahad
Images by Farah Fahad 2022-11-07Fahad
Images by Farah Fahad 2022-11-07Fahad
Images by Farah Fahad 2022-11-07Fahad