What is Climate Change?
Week 1

Placed by Sussanah Timothy 2020/Oct/12


Miran - Climate change is when the atmosphere changes over a large period of time. Climate change has happened before and is a part of earth’s cycle. Climate change makes the earth warmer or cooler. Climate change affects millions of lives because natural disasters are happening more frequently because of climate change. As example: Forest fires are burning people’s houses. Floods are submerging people’s houses and tornados are happening more often. Climate change is also making the ice in the arctic/Antarctica melt and putting more fresh water in the ocean. But so what if the arctic/Antarctica ice melts in the water we do not care. When the Ice melts into water it increases more fresh water into the ocean (like I said before) it increases the chances of coastal areas to submerge. Climate change effects the earth.


Climate change is when what you feel changes like hot to cold. 

Because of global warming the world is becoming more hot.

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