What is climate Change?
Week 1

Placed by MERVE TÜRKYILMAZ 2020/Oct/4


Climate change is the changes that we observe around the World about weather such as temperature increasing. First of all I want to talk about what climate is. Climate is a rare changing weather event in a large region that was confirmed by the data collected over many years. As we all know that our World has been suffering with climate change for a long time. This situation puts the lives of all living species at risk, such as animals, humans and plant. What causes climate change, volcanic eruptions, waste of natural resources, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels and more. For example, if you cut all the trees in a particular place the temperature will start to increase, and it won’t cool down until the trees grow back but it will take like a hundred years. Here is another example natural habitat of animals living in the poles are disappearing due to the increase in temperature. The rising temperature causes the ice to melt and the animal’s lifetime is running out. So now that we all learned about climate change, we all can focus on how we can change it and we can make the World a better place for all of us.  

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