Projects of Week 4


We are still in Week 1 in real-time interaction with my grandchildren.  I have been keeping up with the weeks by myself.  I have learned so much by just reading the curriculum and watching recommended videos and some that just were provided as possible interesting connections by the algorithm that checks for things that may be of interest to me.

My PP of preliminary activities for Week 4 with my grandchildren can be found here. 

As a student, much older than the ones intended to be connected with this Challenge, the solution I am working on is to raise awareness through social media. and using my buying power to help WWF. 

I am also overcoming my excuses for not being creative or inventive and I am starting to work on a Climate Change -Virtual Reality -Alphabet Picture book.  The first version will be a very personal one with my grandchildren's contributions to the challenge as we go through the material I have prepared for them.  I was hoping that the teacher from California would be interested in joining me with her class, but I have not heard back from her since her first connecting email. 

I am considering altering my eating patterns to include more plant-based consumption.   

Finally, I am going to investigate with the City Council how to plant trees in "desert areas of our city" and, when I will feel that is safe to go into the community, I will promote indoor gardening in collaboration with the organizations that are currently working on this area.

I agree my presentation, video or link can be published on this website and may be linked on social media