Victoriya Shastun


I teach English at Horodysche economic lyceum in Ukraine. My students are 13-17 years old. I think I'm a workaholic and a lifetime student. I enjoy teaching and learning. I like to find and open smth new in my job. I am a very creative person and even at home ideas come to my mind. I adore communication with inspiring people. I created my own blog and try to use different modern tools at my lessons such as Kahoot, Quizlet, LearningApps, Padlet. My motto: “It is never too late to learn”.

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Oksana Marchenko

School: Horodyshche economic lyceum

Our Projects

Horodyshche economic lyceum. Causes of Climate Change.

During the first week pupils of the Horodyshche economic lyceum focused on the causes of Climate Change.

Effects Climate Change, Ukraine

During the second week pupils looked up information about effects of climate change in Ukraine and in their area.