Maja Videnovik


Maja Videnovik is an engineer of informatics and a professor of informatics in primary school in Skopje, Macedonia. Her master thesis -Managing the ICT integration in education- was a result of the studies concerning educational management. She has been a teacher for 16 years. During her working experience she has been continuously working on her professional development through different forms of informal and non-formal education, participating in a lot of trainings, webinars, MOOCs, workshops and conferences. She has been a teacher trainer on different topics concerning innovative use of the ICT in education.

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School: prrimary school "Krste Misirkov" Skopje

Our Projects


Presenting some information about Macedonia, facts about climate and effects of climate change using Sway. Satisfied students, motivated, inspired and dedicated to the activity

Effects from Climate change

Students were divided in groups. They have been searching, selecting information, discussing about the effects from climate change. They have seen some results from climate change accross the world for example from Serbia, Japan and America. After that they were talking about the results from Climate Change in Macedonia in the last few years, like floods and forests fires. They have found photographs from this specific events on Internet. Combination of all this resulted with the presentation in Sway.

Effects of climate change - how to reduce

This week students were working on their own. They have made interview with teachers in order to hear their opinion concerning this topic. They were searching about: Fossil Fuels, Stop cutting down trees, Mitigation, Terrifying facts about climate change. They have put their findings in Sway presentation. 

Skype call - Climate action

Communication and talking about climate change in Macedonia and Austria. Sharing knowledge and ideas


Working together
Presentation in front of the other students
Skype call