Nature can live without us, but we can"t live without nature.

Vesna Josipović

Co-teacher: Bogdan Radović
My name is Vesna Josipović from Serbia. I'm a preschool teacher, and National Geographic Certified educator.


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Let us learn how to love trees
School: PU "Olga Jovičić - Rita", Kraljevo 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-6 Year

Projects 2020

Our planet before and now

The video presentation made in Adobe Spark was an introduction to the topic of Planet then and now. Tracking weather from hour to hour and from day to day was an indicator that the weather was changing rapidly.

Through the poster with stickers, the children saw the changes that happened on the planet after many years. By sticking stickers on the appropriate side of the poster, they saw the causes of climate change.

The children talked to their parents about the climate in the past and compared it to the climate now.

They presented their drawings and knowledge about the weather and climate change to each other.

People don't care about Climate Changes.

Kids watched how the scientist measure Climate Changes. They watched videos made by classes from the other parts of the world. Kids researched effects through little research. Their own action showed them more effects of Climate Changes. At the and kids planted trees with the other classes in their kindergarten backyard. Тhe seedings are a gift from students of the Forestry School.

Natural world is in trouble

We have researched Climate Change from multiple Scales and Perspetives. We learned about the impact and causes of Climate Change on our changing Planet from children all around worrld. They came to the same knowlage as us. We need to slow down Climate Change.

Our Planet is our home

We have dedicated this week to some experiments, additional research and finding possible solutions to slow down climate change. It is also an evaluation of everything we have learned of so far about Climate Change.

Let us toogether prevent Climate Change

Teach others to love nature and connect with nature is our solution (the other students in our kindergathen and adults). 

We had video call with Portugal and Student Mentor from Singapopre. Singapore have great solutions and colaboration with govermant. But some parts of the world do not mind for Climate Change and it is not good for all world.

Our Planet is our home

During 6 week we sent our message to space. We informed others about our participation in the project on the National television "Melos", and asked other children and people to stop Climate Change by taking their actions.


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