Jennifer Verschoor

Buenos Aires

Jennifer Verschoor specializes in online teaching, mobile learning and training via virtual learning environments. She has extensive experience as a teacher trainer in both face-to-face and online. She obtained scholarships from WorldCALL, Norwich Institute for Language Education , The Consultants-e and IATEFL. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator, Fellow and Apple Certified Educator.

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School: St George's College North

Our Projects

What is Climate Change?

Our creations using different tools

Sharing some of the creations by students from St George´s College North



Week 2: Causes and effects in your own country

Students from St George´s College North built a typical farm in Argentina using Minecraft. 

Please take a look at a farm in Argentina

Currently many farms are flooded and these are the results



Brainstorming some solutions....


Our Climate Action team