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Fina Vendrell

English primary teacher at Sant Josep school , Navàs. Catalonia for about 30 years. eTwinning ambassador since 2012. Love learning and teaching, new challenges and helping kids to grow well integrated and prepared for the XXI society.

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School: Col·legi Sant Josep, navàs. Catalonia

Our Projects

WHAT IS CLIMATE CHANGE for our kids in Grade 5 in Sant Josep school, Navàs, Catalonia?

This is the rersult after a good research and common work about what the climate change is. Students of Grade 5 in Sant Josep school created a collaborative mind map together with their Greek partners about this topic. After that we made a video in order to show what we understand climate change is.

Climate change, Causes. Oct'18

Students want to show the world how all its wonders: trees, rivers and seas, fish and birds, mountains and plains...

But, what happens when Sprays, chemical products, CO2 from cars, planes, factories , batteries, invade the world?

Just watch the video and enjoy! and think! 

Causes and Effects of Climate Change in Catalonia


Our pupils of grade 5 have been working with the creation of some illustrative posters using some 2.0 web tools such as Canva and Myposterwall. 

do you have the same effects as we do live in our country?

Climate change, effects

After a research, a class discussiion we manage to make a wall visible with many of the effects our planet is suffering because of the Climate Change.

Just watch the video and then think what can humans do to avoid all these effects!

Climate Action solutions

Students of Sant Josep school, fram Navàs, Catalonia prepared some advertisements to tell the world some things we can or we cannot do to help our planet and stop climate change. We are convinced that all togehter can change the world. So , ready, steady, Go!

Pupils of grade 5 created advertisements to show the world what we can do to stop the climate change.

Climate Action solutions

Step by step we can manage to save our world and stop climate Change. How? When, Why? Who?

Students of grade 5 in Sant Josep school, Navàs, Catalonia, have been working hard to find the answers.

Just watch the video and you will find some ideas for you !


Skype lesson Catalonia and Greece

Our proposals were presented to our Greek partners from Alexandroupoli. Some of them were the same!

Does it mean that they are very important?


CHILDREN CAN SAVE THE WORLD: their ideas and proposals can help adults a lot!