Manuela Valentim


I am a Portuguese teacher, Winner of three National Quality Label on eTwinning, Classroom Mystery Skype fan. Interested in PBL and Digital Citizenship. I work at Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Alberto Iria in Olh‹o a small city in the South of Portugal. We are an ASPNet School and an Eco-School. I am the current coordinator of UNESCO's Projects at my school.

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School: Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Alberto Iria

Our Projects

The 3 P's: Let's make our Priority; Protect and Preserve our Planet

The Portuguese Students are ready to go.
Tons of ideas and a  month to make it happen:
- A Cleaning Action Plan in our Natural Park "Ria Formosa"
- Buiding Wind Turbines with Recycled Materials
- Going on a Field Trip to see how a Wind Turbine works
- Paint a Mural at school about  Biodiversity with the help of a well known local urban artist


What is Climate Change?

Students made a general approach to what is Climate Change:

•How Climate Change became no longer a result of Natural Events and started to be the result of Human Activities

•Who/What is being affected by it

•Its Consequences in the different Social-Economic Sectors

•How to Prevent it

• A word of Advise

          Climate Change: Is it a Game we can afford to Lose???

  • Natural and Human Factors


What can we do to avoid it?

Climate Change: Causes and Effects in Portugal

Climate Change : Causes and Effects in Portugal and in general

#Broad approach on Causes and Effects of Climate Change:

-Global Warming

-Acid Rain

-Air  and Water Pollution


#Portugal's  Example(Pedrogão's Grande Wildfire in 2017)

#Some ideas:

-Use Renewable energies


-Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Taking Actions

Students buiding a city made out of recycled materials and using a Wind Turbine out of a kit offered by EDPR but they have to come up with a clever idea to build the Blades of the Wind Turbineout of recycled materials

Taking Action-Cleaning up Campaign

Students volunteer to Clean up our Ria Formosa Natural Park and their reward was to go Birdwatching.

We also had time to Skype with our Swedish  and Romanian friends and their lovely teachers Emma Naas and Mirela-Gabriela Tanc to whom we showed our activity and our lovely Ria Formosa Natural Park

Field Trip to a Wind Farm

Students went on a field Trip to a EDPR Wind Farm where they have  learnt all about it is made the conversion of Wind power into  clean energy.

Sparrows in Portugal

An Interactive Image with a poem; a Song ; the sound of a Sparrow and some useful information about the different types of Sparrows that are more common in Portugal


Portugal-Agrupamento de Escolas Dr.Alberto Iria-Olhão
Manuela Valentim and Lúcia Tardão-Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Alberto Iria-Portugal
Ria Formosa Biodiversity Mural