Tamara Truax

Washington State

I love teaching Human Geography to empower global citizens for a sustainable future, and am passionate about the power of EdTech to get there. I pursue opportunities to ignite student curiosity and wonder, nurture critical thinking, facilitate collaboration, amplify their voices, and empower them to embrace their potential to make the world a better place. #TeachSDGs #MIEExpert #APHG #GlobalGoals

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School: International School

Our Projects

What is climate change? P1

Here is one group's anwer to this question!  We studied biomes and watched the film "Before the Flood" with Leonardo diCaprio to learn about climate change, then researched an area that we wanted to help answer the question and created presentations. Enjoy! 

What is climate change? P3

Each group answered a part of this question, and we combined all of their parts into this presentation. Enjoy!

How climate change affects Washington

Wondering how climate change affects us here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA?

What can we do about it?


Skyping with a class in Argentina