Kirti Tripathi

Uttar Pradesh

Passionate educator , teacher trainer and curriculum developer. I love to adopt new ways of teaching learning to bring life in my class.

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Monica Kakkar

School: Amity International School Noida, UP

Our Projects

Climate Action

Week 1 activities included students understanding of climate change and how it is impacting their lives. To show outcome effectively we have used thinking maps framework and picked up Circle map to show their understanding.

Climate Action Week -2

Week 2 activities were based on Causes and Effects of climate change. Grade 5 students brainstormed and understood the causes and effect of climate change. They represented their findings using causes and effect map ( thinking map framework ) Each group selected few news articles related with climate change in Indian context appeared recently . Groups researched and found out the causes and effects  of climatic issues faced by indian sub continent for eg flood in Mumbai due to excessive rainfall, Smog in Delhi due to crackers  etc. Groups presented their findings using posters , songs, skits and  role plays.

Week 3 - Actions

During second week students identified problems and discussed their causes and effects in our ecological system.

This week each group gave solutions to reduce or solve these problems. Each group gave presentation in the class and explained solutions proposed by them.


Students Presenting their work using role play , songs
Actions - Amity International School Noida, India