Dondi Tothne Ban


I am a teacher in our local primary school in Balatonboglar, Hungary. I teach English and Art for small children. We like working with students from all over the world . Meet us

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School: Primary School Balatonboglar

Our Projects

Environment protection in our small local town.

How can we protect our small town and our beautiful lake? 

After a short discussion about the aim of environmetal protection all students drew a picture about their ideas.

Riding at Lake Balaton 2

First week we spen a day at the lake, discovering our beautiful nature. Discussing: Why is it beautiful for us? Why do we have to protect it?

Photo competition -our enviroment

To help my students to get closer to our enviroment questions and problem I found out to plan a photo competiion. So we went out to the nature and took a lot of photos. We discussed what effects can be seen on our plants caused by climate change.