Theoktisti Papazoi

Primary School Teacher of 1st Primary School of Oreokastro. I teach for about 16 years .


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School: 1st Primary School of oreokastro 18 students are involved The average age of the students: 7 Year

Projects 2021

our definition of climate change

•When earth fells sick

•When it rains a lot

•When  there are a lot of fires

•When sun is dangerous

What causes climate change




ØA lot of cars  

The best way to end the life of any object / good:  

•I give it to someone who needs it


•Use it again otherwise

•Keep it, maybe I will need it later.

the effects of climate change on our planet at global & local-Greece levels..

•local effect on :



weather standards

What can we do.. To make earth happy?

Solution are at our little hands...Turn off the tap.Turn off the light you do not need.Recycle. Plant a tree!

Use: wind turbines,the sun, your bike instead of a car. Even better, walk to school, to work, for a walk. Watch out for the factories

I plant beans at my classroom

We plant beans at our classroom, in order to watch thw plant to grow and grow..


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