Tatjana Loshkoska

Co-teacher: Silvana Krsteska; Jovanka Angjelkoska
I am a Biology and Natural Science teacher. I have a BSc degree in Biology (Biochemistry and Physiology) and I am a Master of Science in the field of Limnology. I enjoy exploring and researching and have been an active participant in numerous international and national projects related to the limnological aspects of Lake Ohrid. I'm participating in School's Eco Project and the club of ecologists is working under my supervision.


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School: Primary School Kocho Racin, Ohrid 17 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-13 Year

Projects 2021

Primary School Kocho Racin, Ohrid - Week 1

During the first week, the students have been understanding the difference between weather and climate; they drew the Earth; we created a word cloud about the causes of climate change  (Word Art); students played a quiz in Kahoot and successfully finished the game about climate change; they researched about climate change and causes of climate change in our county.

Primary School Kocho Racin, Ohrid - Week 2

During the second week of the project, we worked on the topic Effects of Climate Change. We used Word Art to write the effects. Students prepared presentations and posters in Canva and PowerPoint. They wrote and drew about climate change.  We used Linoit to write the effects and discussed them.

Primary School Kocho Racin, Ohrid - Week 3

During the third week, we have a virtual meeting with students from Mumbai, India. In the beginning, we have introduced ourselves. Then students presented what they have learned so far within the project. At the end of the virtual meeting, there were two collaborative activities in Padlet - one activity for solutions for climate change and another for creating visual representations.

Primary School Kocho Racin, Ohrid - Week 4

We all actively participate in finding solutions to reduce the effects of climate change. All students took action to reduce the climate crisis. They rode the bicycle, collected the waste, took care of plants, and wrote eco-messages.


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