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School: Ramagya School Dadri 120 students are involved The average age of the students: 3-11 Year

Projects 2020

Climate / Weather

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Demon Plastic Ravana was banned

In India there is a festival Dussehra . This day is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

 A mythological story where Lord Rama defeated Ravana and this was celebrated as Dussehra 

Ramagya School Dadri celebrated it with a twist . The students had this in mind that they had to stop p,attic pollution ,

so they made an effigy of Ravana with old plastic bottles and solid No to Plastics


Mission Climate Action Ramagya School Dadri

* K-9 all the students planted or adopted trees 

* The students interviewed their elders to know about the Climate in their times and now 

* Problems and Solutions

* Made posters and Ppt


Recycling waste plastic in making roads

There was a headline in the newspaper Noida uses plastic to construct roads


Collaboration on Climate Change and Action

"The earth is what we all have in common"

The sooner we realise this the better and the sooner we take up on our shoulders the responsibility, still better.

It's true that saving the earth is the responsibility of all the earthlings, be it from Asia, Africa, America ,Russia or Europe.

But yes ,we can see the change, in the attitudes.

 The people are realising, they are coming forth ,to save the only planet that we have -EarthThe students from across the globe and India ,participated actively, to bring home the fact ,that it is time for us to take action or else it will be too late

The students of grade 3 had shown a plantation process ,where as grade 4 and 5 students ,had prepared posters and PPT.

We wish that awareness spreads soon, so that the students emerge as soldiers to protect our only planet- Earth.

We are problem creators and together can find solutions to save our planet

Students at Ramagya Dadri. 
* Interviewed their grandparents to compare about the climate change now and then

* Students attended webinar's of mentors and saw movie by David Attenborough on Save the Planet and Climate Change 


I must say an eye opener for students 

* They made projects at home for saving the planet 

Small steps towards success

Spread Awareness about Pollution ( Noise , air , Plastic )

As the students are at home because of COVID we created a Flipgrid for a pledge on Action 

Also before the Pandemic my students had done a community March for awareness on Plastic Pollution by giving paper and cloth bags to the community 

They also cleaned a nearby park 

All the plastic was removed

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Say No To Plastic
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