Tara Dale


Tara Dale is an 11th year high school science teacher in Arizona, United States. She has two Bachelors of Science degrees: one in Psychology and another in Biology and a Master's in Secondary Education. In 2014, Mrs. Dale was named Arizona Teacher of the Year Ambassador for Excellence. She travels the United States advocating for teachers and students with her work at Educators for Higher Standards, Student Achievement Partners, and Arizona Educational Foundation.

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School: Desert Ridge High School

Our Projects

What is Climate Change?

What is Climate Change?  My third hour students researched climate change with a focus on the deserts in Arizona (USA), and created this amazing Powerpoint.

What are the Causes and Effects of Climate Change?

My fourth hour period created this extremely professional children's story book explaining the causes and effects of climate change in the deserts of Arizona, United States.

Climate Change Solutions

My second hour class made a list of actions Americans already take to reduce greenhouse gasses and then they created some original ideas of their own.  This presentation outlines their research and creative solutions.