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School: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Słupsku 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-13 Year

Projects 2020

What is climate change - what would be your definition?

"We are responsible for the future of the next generations, all species that do not affect it today. Climate change are a challenge on a global scale that must be faced not only by our own leaders, but all of us ”. Wangari Maathai

With such words class 4b started the lesson within the Climate action project.

During the classes the students wondered what is the climate? why there is so much talk about his changes, they discussed about causes and effects, and proposed solutions to this problem. In groups they were arranging puzzles, on the cubes there were parts of the text from an article about climate change. By arranging the cubes, they recreated the text.

The first classes aroused a lot of emotions, together with the students we started discovering this issue together. During the course of classes, we will have many opportunities to discuss, Finding answers to questions, sharing doubts and learning on climate change.

Students of class 6 C prepared a story called "Save the sea" about the recycling. Every week we will add another episodes. Nice watching and reading :)

Climate change , its causes and effects

In the chemistry lesson, 8b students talked about climate change, its causes and effects. They learned about the Consequences for Europe: Heatwaves, forest fires and droughts are becoming more common in southern and central Europe. Mediterranean countries are increasingly vulnerable to droughts and forest fires. In northern Europe, the climate is getting wetter and in winter the risk of flooding increases. Cities where one in four Europeans live are exposed to heat waves, floods and rising sea levels. They are often unable to deal effectively with climate change.

Additionally, during the chemistry lesson, they talked about acid precipitation - their causes and effects. One of the oxides that causes them is nitric oxide. As part of the classes, young people made an experiment illustrating the effect of nitric oxide on plants.

Causes and effects of climate change around the world andt environmental problems

As part of the project, we talked with students about the causes and effects of climate change around the world and about environmental problems. Students from grade 8 took part in the Night of Libraries campaign, in which the main theme this year was Jacek Gypsy's poem "Climate for reading". Students read articles related to ecology and climate. Moreover, our youngest students from grades 1-3 made ecological trees and participated in the tree festival. During lessons, they discussed the need to plant trees and take care of the world's green lungs. They learned about interesting facts related to the life of trees and of course they met under our school tree, "Henius". Grade 8 students prepared multimedia presentations on acid rain and its effects on the environment.

What are potential solutions for climate change and/or specific environmental issues


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