Sofya Sotnikova


My name is Sofya. I teach at Horodyshche economic lyceum. I am a teacher of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Financial Literacy. At my lessons I try to give my pupils not only knowledge, but I want to teach them how to use this knowledge in practice. I achieve my purpose using interactive teaching methods, applying in educational process Microsoft Office 365, Minecraft, LEGO Robotics. My motto: “Teaching through play”.

Victoriya Shastun

School: Horodyshche economic lyceum


The model of the ecological city GREENLAND

Projects 2018

The model of the ecological city GREENLAND

Nowadays  humanity is moving  fast to high-tech future,  designing "smart“  and clean citieswhich will be able to stop the climate change of the Earth.
It becomes more and more actual task.

The model of the ecological  city is presented in the program Minecraft: Education Edition

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