Shally Mahajan

Students Names:  Aditi Gupta Anika Chopra Arya Garg Devika Gupta Kabir Goel Lavanya Guha Naysa Goel Pourush Jindal Prarthana Dayal Rosali Maslai Sanjana Sethi Sanket Jain Sarah Sanan Tanvi Jain Vasu Goyal Yagya Bhatia


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School: Pathways World School, Aravali 16 students are involved The average age of the students: 17 or 18 Year

Projects 2020

The definition of Climate Change and the main causes of climate change locally.

Climate change is caused by imbalance in nature. When there is consumption of more energy and more emission compared to the capacity of nature is replenished then there is climate change. Locally speaking, excess emission of CO2 by the vehicles and other harmful gasses, as compared to the lesser number of trees to convent them is one cause of climate change.  

Climate Change Effects

Our group is discussing about the causes for climate change effects locally. 

Discussion on the causes of climate change

Students discussed the climate change causes locally and how we can work towards the solutions.