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School: Navrachna sama vadodara 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1 4095

Small description and perspection of a 4th grade student over climate changes 


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What are the causes and effects of climate change on our planet?

Climate change causes-

  1. Deforestation- Cutting of trees result in more carbon dioxide and less oxygen, both of which adversely affect climate.
  2. Poaching of wild animals - Results in ecological imbalance.
  3. Increased carbon emission – Too many vehicles and industries emit greenhouse gases resulting in climate changes.


Climate change effects-

  1. Global Warming- Excessive greenhouse gases result in temperature rise.
  2. Lower produces from farming- Changing Rain pattern negatively affects crop production.
  3. Health issues- Warmer temperatures help in spreading of some diseases like dengue, malaria etc.
  4. Sea levels rising- Melting of glacier due to global warming will increase sea levels. Rise in water level has following impacts: Land erosion, flood risk, loss in agriculture/aquaculture.


URL to Video on OneDrive



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