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Let's make this difference together. My Form Tutees Abir Choudhary, Aishwarya Sehdev, Harshini Pandey, Jaden Rahman Pariat, Nakshatra Gupta, Parth Goel, Prapti Agrawal, Ruhaani Bhatia, Shaurya Jain, Yuvraj Gupta, Yuvraj Tawri


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Me with my Form Tutees
School: Pathways World School Aravali 11 students are involved

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Nature can survive without us but we can't survive without nature. Save the earth!

Effects of Climate Change(News Reading)

Effects of Climate Change on 



*Weather Pattern

*Human Activity & Lifestyle

Some solutions by students of MYP-3D1 of PWS


Images by SEEMA PASRIJA 2020-10-09PASRIJA