Kavita Sanghvi

Varkey Teacher Ambassador

Kavita Sanghvi is a passionate Physics teacher teaching for the past 18 years and currently coheading CNM School in Mumbai, India. She has been nominated as Top 50 teachers by the Varkey Foundation in 2016 -17. She supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 ardently, is a British Council trainer, an active blogger and an environmentalist who believes that change begins from oneself.

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School: CNM School


Solutions to Climate Change

Projects 2018

What is Climate Change?

Students of Grade 8 collaborated and created videos. Since we have 7 divisions with 40 students each, 7 videos were made in all. Students displayed confidence, showed research skills and interviewed people from the community to seek opinions and solutions. Together they have displayed talents beyond our expectations. 

What is Climate Change?

More than 250 students of Grade 8 gathered and worked towards creating a video on climate change. With 7 divisions having 40 students each, 7 videos were created in total. The video uploaded is a culmination of their efforts. 

Climate Change in our area

Students researched on climate changes in the local area and moved on to states of India. 

Solutions to Climate Change

Students brainstormed and arrived at models, charts, videos to showcase solution to climate change

Solutions to Climate Change

250 students gathered, brainstormed and came up with solutions to climate Change. 

Projects 2017

Climate Change - CNM School - INDIA

Talented students of CNM School , Mumbai , India have enthusiastically undertaken the project " Climate change".

CNM School has always been concerned about the environmental issues and have an array of green activities which are undertaken regularly by  the students . 

The climate change project has been taken up by 250  students across grade 8 with great fervour.



Causes of Climate Change in INDIA - MRV

MRV students address a global concern !

The students of MRV brain stormed and debated on various causes of Climate Change in INDIA. It was thoroughly researched and their exposition most sound. 

The students voiced their opinion on various causes for the mushrooming population. 

The causes are numerous like population growth which leads to Deforestation to make place for new building projects. This in turn leads to Global warming and that affects the climate causing flood or drought. The use of plastic has further led to polluting the environment. Hence the mere existence of humans is a great threat to the environment.

India is a secular nation celebrating variety of festivals. The students are closely associated with the festivals hence they zeroed in on festivals as causes of Climate Change. The students have vowed to bring about a change in the perspective of celebrating various festivals without harming our sacred environment.It was a resounding promise that their home and neighborhood is the right place to begin.

Kudos to our young environmentalists.