Rola Tibshraini


My name is Rola Tibshirani and I am a French Immersion Intermediate teacher at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. I am passionate about students’ taking ownership of their learning by creating and applying Integrative Thinking and Designing Thinking processes to embrace challenges. I connect my students with projects from around the world and foster students collaborative inquiry through Global Partnership.

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School: All Saints HIgh School

Grade 7 All Saints High School

Projects 2018

Grade 7 ALl Saint hIgh School Causes on Climate Change

The Grade 7 students at All saints began exploring their journey on Climate Change last week. The students began co-creating knowledge by analyzing through a causal model on major causes on Climate change.  We began our project a week late due to climate change causes in our community as a tornado. We also see the effect o climate change in a pond near the school where some od water is drying up. We look forward to the following weeks to add the major factors and plan on the action taking within our community. We look forward to connecting to other classrooms from around the world. 

Climate Change Effect in Canada

From a causal model and research the Grade 7 students present the effects in our region on climate change.  Across Canada is represented and the province of Ontario. 

Taking Action

The Gr 7 students will continue to share with the Grade 7 & 8 students about refusing the single use of plastics. They will be publishing on Social Media how students will be refusing and limiting the single use of plastics.