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Kamal Preet

I teach science in middle school & am a fervent supporter of technology in the classroom - using it as a tool to personalize learning & to open my classroom to the world to equip my students with 21st century skills. As a firm believer of Gandhiji's adage "Be the change you wish to see in the world," I hope to leave the world a better place by doing my bit for The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

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School: DPS

Our Projects

Climate Action - Week#1

Climate Action - Week#2

The class was divided into groups & they reserched the causes of climate change. Eventually,  the students shared their work with the class & categorized the causes into main categories

Climate Action - Week#3

STEP1:  We conducted a green audit to find out where we stand, we later on converted it to an online form to ease global collaboration

STEP2: After much branstroming, we decided that action has to be holistic along 2 lines - 

1. The 3 Rs (REduce-REuse-REcycle)

  • eWaste collection
  • Plastic collection
  • Paper recycling
  • Cleanathon

2. Green initiatives

  • Afforestation drive
  • Setting up a vegetable garden
  • Celebrating festivals responsibly 
  • Planting lemon grass as a bio-repellant against malaria
  • Saving wildlife

This allowed us to target Climate Action on all 3 fronts -

  1. Individually - which helped create awareness at homes
  2. At school - by involving as many classes as possible, it was no longer a project by 6th graders, everybody pitched in...
  3. At community - We also raised awareness about our project in the neighborhood surrounding the school whether in form of green campaigns - afforestation drive, growing lemon grass or our 3R work with ewaste and plastic collection and the cleanathon,  they got to see everything in action

This is just the beginning & we are looking for partners to take our Climate Action forward by collaborating with us. If you are interested fill this form

Climate Action - Week#4

So what has been your biggest learning from the project? Share your thoughts

Climate Change is a huge problem, so huge that it has an entire UN SDG#13 to itself.  Climate Action requires concerted effort by everyone. As we, students of DPS Bangalore South, work towards doing our bit for climate change, we invite your class to collaborate with us for synchronous mini projects in our classes focussing on the 3Rs (REduce-REuse-REcycle), keeping the environment clean, afforestation, vegetable gardening, celebrating festivals responsibly & saving flora & fauna. 

You can get started by filling up the GREEN AUDIT form to find out where your school actually stands in terms of sustainability, it was our starting point.

To collaborate, tell us a little something about yourself & then gear up for some action...

Climate Action - Week#5, Where have the sparrows gone?

  • The students researched all about sparrows - their natural habitats, their worldwide & statewise distribution, their lifestyle (feeding habits, nesting, reproduction), the causes of their decline &  ways in which we could bring sparrows back into our cities. They consolidated their work into a presentation that was shared on the school portal to raise awarenesss about sparrows.
  • One of our budding poets wrote a beautiful poem on sparrows.
  • At the moment the students are working on a short skit & song to present in the school assembly.
  • The class also built & put up bird feeders on campus to bring back our chidiyas.


Student Action in the real & virtual world