Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School


Mr. D'Oria and Mr. Hagle teach geography at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. You can learn more about the school here: https://www.ldcsb.ca/school/HCC/Pages/default.aspx 

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Cam Hagle and Rob D'Oria

School: Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School

Projects 2017

Reflections on Ontario's Approach to Climate Change

In this video, Marijke reflects on what she has learned about Ontario's response to climate change. 

Kyoto vs. Paris

This is an assignment designed by Cam Hagle. Through this task, students compare and contrast the Kyoto Protocol  and the Paris Climate Agreement. The goals are:

  •  To better understand the agreements made at Kyoto and Paris
  • To contrast the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Climate Agreement
  •  To have a conversation to discuss what average citizens should know about climate change
  •  To collaboratively inquire and discuss what Canada’s role and stance has been, is, and should be in the future with respect to the issue of climate change