Christina Palmieri- Ryan


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School: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School

Our Projects

Climate Action Project

This week our class looked at the causes of climate change and the many human factors that have impacted the environment today. 

Next week students will look more into how climage change has effected our community of London, Ontario, Canada and surrounding areas, the province of Ontario, and Canada. 


Climate Action Project Week 2

This week our class looked at the Causes and Effects of Climate Change in Canada. We Skyped with a teacher from the Northwest Territories and students were shocked to discover that at this time of year there is no snow in Canada's North!  

Climate Action Project Week 3

This week we looked at how we can make a change! It is up to our generation to make a difference in the world. We also looked at the groups who are most affected by climate change (eg. The poor) and how we can protect them.