Abid Ayadi


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School: Avenue hbib bourguiba school

Our Projects

Climate Action Causes

watching videos of Climate Action Causes

Brainstorming with mentimeter tool

Creating  a Mindmap about Climate Action

Making students discussing

Creating presentations with scratch, Power Point, Kizoa

Climate Action Effect

Climate action effect

* Create a Word  Cloud about climate action effect

*Create a code (scratch) to present some effect in our country Tunisia

Climate Action Solution

* Students propose solutions to reduce the risks of climate change

* Students do a search to print themed images (solution)

*Students create a poster for a Awareness campaign in which they describe the proposed solutions

* Post the poster in the college courtyard

Week 4 : Skype

two skype sessions in collaboration with: Anamika Jha, Chefia Cheikhrouhou, Rym Abid, Kawthar Hakim, Alena and Muhammed Khan