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Teaching Gr 9 Geography at Nepean High School, in Ottawa Ontario.  Our school built in the 1920's, is a neighbourhood school to approx 1,100 students in an urban part of the city.  In the past I have had classes participate in the Canadian Geographic's "Classroom Energy Diet", the Learning Foundation's "Global Solutions" project, and I am learning and discovering new ways to introduce the SDG's into the classroom.   This project seemed like a great fit for a new way to challenge my students to become more globally aware, and to engage in a student focused inquiry based learning experience.

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T Poelstra, Queen's U. B.Ed Candidate

School: Nepean High School

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Welcome to Nepean High School, Ottawa Ontario Canada

This week the three gr 9 GEO - Phillips classes wanted to welcome you to Nepean, and then they also spent a bit of time generally thinking about the question "What is climate change?"   Three classes will be working on this project over the semester.  

This post reflects the ideas as presented by the Period 2 Class.