A young Cameroonian who is devoted to taking actions against climate change

Ngumsi suh Ndifongwa

Miss Ndifongwa Ngumsi Suh is a young talented Cameroonian who is devoted to action against climate change. She is a Bachelor of Science Degree holder in Agricultural Economics from the University of Buea. She currently works at the Adventist college of Yaoundé where she teaches Biology. As a Biology teacher, miss Ngumsi trains her students on how to solve problems on issues relating to climate change, global warming, environmental management, sustainable development, preservation of biodiversit


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A biology teacher who is actively engaged in training of the younger generation to take action against climate change, through environmental education and sustainable development.
School: College Adventiste de Yaoundé 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-15 Year

Projects 2021

Causes of climate change

My class was divided into groups of 5 students each. Groups had to present on the following topics;

- Definition of climate change

- Difference between climate and weather

- the ultimate list of the causes of climate change.

Week 1's activity ended with a quiz which was organised between the students of Adventist college of Yaoundé (CAY), Cameroon and the students from Bernardin Frankopan Grammar and Vocational School, Ogulin, Croatia.

Week 3 19551


Images by Ngumsi suh Ndifongwa 2021-10-03Ndifongwa
Images by Ngumsi suh Ndifongwa 2021-10-14Ndifongwa
Images by Ngumsi suh Ndifongwa 2021-10-14Ndifongwa