nevine Asfour


My name is Nevine Asfour . I graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 1994. I worked as an IT programmer for 5 years then I joined Alexandria Language School ( ALS) for 20 years. Recently I have been promoted IT Head in CPC / Pre-IG Department. I joined Microsoft Educator Community 3 years ago. ...... Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert and MIE Master Trainer ,Mystery Skype Master , guest speaker in Microsoft Educator Community & Skype in the classroom Expert .Joined many groups in Microsoft teams interested in teaching SDGs

I think education is a human right &a magic key to develop our country.

School: Alexandria International School

Our Projects

What's Climate change

Students introduced  to SDGs .

SDGs Video

What's Climate change

Students introduced for WHAT's  SDGs & I focus on Goal 13 Climate action  and then they plant a tree as a very simple way to prevent climate action.

Week 1

Week 2

Effects of Climate action in Egypt

All my school Know now what's  Climate action project. They love working in this project. they create presentation and sway I will send only one presentation , sway and one video.  They usually ask about the new task in the next week.

Effects of Climate action in Egypt

My Students love this project. most of the classes work on week 2 . they create videos , presentations and sway. I will upload only one.