Natalia Rata

Co-teacher: Viorel Flocea
We are pupils of a High School from Drochia, Moldova. Our class likes working with pupils from other countries, collaborating on different topics.


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School: Public Institution Theoretical Lyceum "B.P.-Hasdeu", Drochia 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 17-18 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1 4270

The pupils analyzed the terms and tried to find the answers to some questions they had.

Effects of climate changes on our land

WE have tried to analyze situations and find out different effects that are caused by climate changes

We and our actions

Video Conference

This week we could meet with Poland and find out many new things for us. We had fun and we enjoyed the activities

Why should we protect nature?

Our Earth is our home and we should protect it.


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