Nalini Srivastava


A recipient of National Teacher Award for two consecutive years,Nalini Srivastava is a teacher from DPS Shaheedpath LUCKNOW, India.She teaches English and history to class 10 and 12 currently.She is a MIEE, Microsoft Expert Speaker and Trainer.She loves to work for causes that are relevant for the society.Here Society being the global world.She has done lot of work for spreading Autism Awareness and since past 1 year She has been working for motivating students and younger generation towards their contribution for achieving SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS 2030.She is part of prestigious Kakuma Project and part of many other collaborating projects like End Plastic Brigade,Lets End Poverty etc.She is a published author of short stories as well as a poet.She finds both the medium exemplary for involving people. S

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Ranjeeta Mohan

School: Staford school