muna bazara

Saudi Arabia

I am a computer teacher - Microsoft teacher expert certified trainer from Microsoft - i interviews in satellite channels about recycling - especially the recycling of electronic waste has interests in the field of sustainable development. I care a lot about preserving the environment. I love reading, traveling and raising animals.

School: high school25

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Projects 2019

Lecture on the importance of sustainable development goals

I gave lectures to all the students of the school and teachers about the importance of the sustainable development goals as i explained the importance of caring for the environment in terms of planting trees and the multiplication of plants in public sectors

Plants and their impact on climate

In the second week, my students and I brought in external plants and were planted in the school's courtyards. She explained to the students the importance of plants to improve the climate

Plant a tree to prevent global warming

the third week . Complete the plan in the first week. We planted all the facilities of the school with heaters. The plants are able to coexist in all seasons of the year


Schoolgirls cultivate outdoor squares in the school
Planting plants