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School: St. Timothy

Our Projects

What is Global Climate Change?

Using Sway and working with our Grade 5/6 friends in Port Dover Canada in Joe Archer's class we co-created this Sway. We watched video clips and read books to understand what Climate change is and how it is affecting our world. We connected this the Global Goals as well.

How Does Global Climate Change Affect Canadians?

This week I modeled how to do research and we learned in small groups how Climate change is affecting Canadians. We also worked with two other Canadian Classrooms via Skype to learn about what they discovered in their research.

Climate Change Week 3

This week we learned what we can do to slow down, improve and solve the climate change project.  We collaborated with Canadian friends in a Sway.

Sharing Via Skype!

This week we Skyped with our friends in Portugal to share learning. We are also creating posters and annoucements to help educator our friends in our school and work with our Eco-Team at the school.