Mirjam Facchini Jacobsson


My name is Mirjam Facchini Jacobsson. I am an ESL and Swedish teacher with a mission to intergrate technology into the classroom to encourage creativity and inclusiveness through collaboration. I believe that I have one of the most important jobs in the world and that the future of this planet is in my classroom. I believe that by teaching and inspiring my students to care, innovate and believe in the power of themselves and others they will make a difference in the future of this world. I believe that they key to succeeding with this this is through digitization, collaboration, internationalization and lots and lots of commitment and dedication from us teachers.

I am also an ICT Lead Teacher and firmly believe that technology alone will not improve learning but by making it an element of good teaching practice can open new doors to learners and teachers.

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Linnéa Hägglund

School: Östermalmsskolan

Our Projects

Climate Change Sweden

We have been working with the global goals in all different subjects. This little video was made by the students. 

Climate change and its effects

This week we have been deep diving into the consequences of Climate Change and its effects.

We have been reading the 2018 IPCC  reports  and trying to understand what they mean. We have been reading and watching news about this through Svenksa Dagbladet, SVT, BBC and CNN and through that creating our own new report about the climate situation. 

Climate change solutions

This week we have been exploring possible solutions and innovations. We have been brain storming ideas and then getting them on to FLIPGRIDS. We've also decided how we want to spread the word to others about Climate Change. 

Music video Climate Action

After our one week fall break we are bak with our grand finale. We have had so much fun doing this!