Mike Dunlea

New Jersey

Michael has taught for 15 years in grades Preschool to 3rd grade. He lives with his wife and 3 children along the coast of Southern New Jersey near a barrier island called Long Beach Island. After Hurricane Sandy hit Michael created a non-profit group called Stafford Teachers And Residents Together, START, that helped over 800 homeowners recover from the disaster while saving more than 3 million dollars in the process. He is a proud National Board Certified teacher who received the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, PAEMST, in 2018 and was a New Jersey state Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2012. This year he was selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. 

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School: Tabernacle Elementary

Projects 2018

Four weeks of Climate Action!

Projects 2017

What is Weather, Climate and Climate Change? Week 1 Dunlea/Delaney

Students spent the week working in groups researching the terms weather, climate and climate change. They used kid safe search engines like KidRex.org and books from our school library. They then created posters to share what they learned.  Using creativity they drew pictures of the four seasons as they were 40 years ago and now.  While doing this work we also explored the cultures and maps of countries around the world who are participating in this project. 

Interview with a Coastal Ecologist

A former graduate of the Tabernacle School District was invited to return and discuss the impact of global climate change on our oceans and bays. Dr. Amy Williams answered questions that were generated by students after they completed some research in groups. We used a green screen and several students acted as reporters with Dr. Amy.  An added bonus was when Dr. Williams was able to give her former 2nd grade teacher a big hug since she was in the building that day substitute teaching since she has been retired for a few years now. The students were so impressed and many indicated they want to go on and get their doctorate degrees in the Science & Math fields.